My RDC experience

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My RDC experience

Postby Agentmantis » Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:03 am

So I went to go see RDC in Seattle, Wa. The show ended up being cancelled and I was bummed but ended up hanging with an old friend instead so it wasn't a total loss. The show was rescheduled and I just figured I'd go up again in a few months. Later I learned that they were performing in Portland, Or which ruled because I didn't need to drive three hours to go see the band. So a quick backstory.. I have always loved Jake's work with Ozzy but I was a Rhoads fanatic. That's a tough spell to break. I had never heard Badlands at all.. nothing. So Jake was always kinda... second best in my mind. Higher on the list than Zakk mind you. So my wife and I went to go see the Portland show. Jake was mingling with the crowd and hanging around. RDC takes the stage and blew me away quickly! I was introduced to the Badlands stuff for the first time this way. My wife had a bad cold and had taken cold medicine before we went. We had a couple beers and I didn't know about the interactions of cold meds and alcohol. Long story short, we had to leave early. I was super bummed. I'll admit, a grown man shed a few tears of frustration and sadness that evening. I just didn't expect that seeing JEL perform would be as significant as it was. So I didn't want to find myself in a situation where I was upset with my wife for us having to leave. The band was playing Seattle the next night so I went by myself and it ruled! Also I obtained the Badlands albums and listened to them all on the drive up. Now I'm basically an old Jake fan but a new Badlands fan. That music is genius, especially Voodoo Highway. Anyway, I hope that Jake emerges again and makes some more music.

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Re: My RDC experience

Postby sytharnia » Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:26 pm

awesome you got to discover badlands later in life. I know a lot of guys who didn't bother checking it out after he left ozzy...big mistake.

Good news is Jake and red dragon are currently in the studio doing another album...GOING TO BE EPIC

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