red dragon cover/ and check out charvel video

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red dragon cover/ and check out charvel video

Postby rustkill » Thu Feb 06, 2014 4:53 pm

found this one on u tube nice job done.

check out his other videos he has some nice jake covers.

also check out they have video of Jake talking about his guitar they are making


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Re: red dragon cover/ and check out charvel video

Postby Shadow » Sat Feb 08, 2014 5:15 pm

Love the CHARVEL Interview with JAKE E. LEE (twice now seeing it, watched it on the RDC Website too!! smile) very cool and in-depth talking about his B/W Classic Charvel Signature Guitar(s). For sure that is his Iconic-legendary Trademark it has been since the mid 80's. All those Classic Guitar-stretch movies are eye catching...'it's like Wow, what a cool-lethal moves Mr. Lee has. Nice!! AND so thrilled to finally have his new CD/Album RED DRAGON CARTEL (got it yesterday :D !!) and excited to hear it's mighty Heartbeat before this weekend is over. Until then, Peace and Soul. DECEIVED has alot of Bite to it, I like it. A lot!!! Can't wait to hear the rest especially WAR Machine and the pretty piano song "Exquisite Tenderness". Oh, yeah "love" the set of Official RDC book-photo that comes with the CD: the only thing I'd missed out on was the bonus track "American Dream" (only Best Buy carry's it). Oh, well I'm sure I'll get a chance on hearing how that one sound, too. God Bless and cheers!! All the best to JAKE and his band RDC. 8) :mrgreen:

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