Thoughts on Red Dragon Cartel, Out Now

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Re: Thoughts on Red Dragon Cartel, Out Now

Postby Shadow » Sat Feb 22, 2014 4:18 pm

Once again BRILLIANT Solid-Passionate Trailblazing JAKE E. LEE*RED DRAGON CARTEL album/CD: alot of Heart N Soul went into and each bandmember and guest Classic Rocker delivered the goods to the nines. AWESOME, love it love it LOV' it!!! Shout It Out, Redeem Me (serious lyrics going on there/touching), Feeder, Deceived, etc.,. ALL of the songs draw you into their magic. Love the Jake E. Lee' s RDC-EPK Official-Frontier's Record/2014 Video Interview and also the RDC-Darren Smith/Dec. 19th, 2013 Interview with Mitch Lafon, very cool. Wishing JAKE and his band RED DRAGON CARTEL a very groovin' successful year and Tour 2014 and more ahead. Peace and God Bless.


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