"Deceived" Video

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"Deceived" Video

Postby Gunner » Tue Jan 21, 2014 12:48 pm

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Re: "Deceived" Video

Postby axeman_12656 » Tue Jan 21, 2014 1:11 pm

I dig it!! Very simple but rockin. I think it actually represents the band well.

Great job!

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Re: "Deceived" Video

Postby Abarsis » Wed Jan 22, 2014 6:19 pm

Gotta' be honest, as cool as it is to see Jake go at it again after all this time - and it is cool to see Jake go at it again after all this time - I don't like this song much at all and, if this is representative of RDC as a whole, I have a real hard time seeing this band going very far.

The guitar work is top notch, (naturally), and it reminds me a lot of some of his work with Ozzy but in a modern context, so all good there, even if its just a bit more derivative then I'd have liked.

The problem for me, basically, is that I'm not sure Jake has the right band behind him.

Out of the gate: let me just say that, honestly, the singer is just dreadful.

Paul Di'Anno, Robin Zander, Sass Jordan, (and before all of these, the late, great Ray Gillen); Jake obviously knows a good singer when he hears one, but D.J. Smith's vocals are even less approachable then Mandy Lion's were!

Then there's the bass player, Ronnie Mancuso. Dude seems to play well enough, which I suppose is all that matters in the end, (and I understand that we should all be greatful that he persuaded Jake to abandon retirement), but he has no visual performance prescence of any kind, and I have to admit that it's really jarring to see him just standing there, chugging along with less animation then a sleepwalking Richie Blackmore on a good night onstage.

Maybe the idea was to make sure that Jake wasn't outshined on the boards - fat chance of that, really - but it just seems like Mancuso is missing something when he plays; I know, visual enthusiasm.

I don't have any problems with the drummer per sé, but I'm not sure he brings anything special to the band either. Whatever, he's there and he does a good enough job, so all is cool in the Drumming Department I guess.

Like everyone else, I heard rumors about the terrible first gig at The Whiskey, and the videos on YouTube prove that the gig really was indeed a bad one, with Night 2 in San Diego being only a little bit better...

To be fair, I wanted to give RDC the benefit of the doubt, and I told myself that I'd wait for the album before forming a final opinion - and I still intend to - but this video of the actual band, (not a lyric video with a guest vocalist, but with the actual core of RDC and a horrible singer), really makes me nervous.

It scares me that I like it so little when it is the big new thing from one of my favorite guitar players of all time. My hero is coming back and I am... nervous?!?

Not a good sign...

I can be objective - I know RDC isn't going to be Badlands. Fine.

I know its not going to be Jake E. Lee with Ozzy. Also fine.

I know its not even going to be Wicked Alliance, (Jake E. Lee with Mandy Lion and co.), which at least was interesting musically and had the benefit of including a great bass player and drummer in there with Jake, (James Lomenzo and Ray Luzier respectively). Still fine.

But this, well - at first glance it just doesn't work for me at all and, while I respect and appreciate that Jake isn't making music to suit my tastes, it seems like a lot is riding on this particular comeback project if he's really going to re-establish himself on the scene, so I hope people, (myself included), end up liking the album more than I think they might.

Truly, I hope I am wrong. I really hope RDC turns out better than I have reason to belive it might based on this song and its accompanying video. It's Jake, so I know should love this - I really want to love this, but I don't know...

We'll have to see...

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Re: "Deceived" Video

Postby skezza » Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:01 am

I can understand where Abarsis is coming from. I don't mind the singer, but he's not exactly brilliant, bit of a shouter. The drummer is as you say, stock. The bassist is crazily dry, majorly chugging, no presence. Really, I'm listening for Jake, but i think the singer will hold them back. Perhaps they'll replace him, after all, it's Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel as opposed to Red Dragon Cartel featuring Jake E Lee.

Shame about the location of the video too. Kind of looks like a front room in a posh house lol :P Still, I'm digging the song. It's got that 80s feel about it.
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Re: "Deceived" Video

Postby thordale » Fri Jan 24, 2014 6:00 pm

I Really Really Dig this song & think the singer fits perfectly on it, i love how he sings on the chorus and all.. so i cant really understand how so many dont like he's voice...... but yeah.. bass player just kinda stands there !!!

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Re: "Deceived" Video

Postby 3dayphunk » Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:53 pm

I understand where you guys are coming from. I really do. I share some similar feelings. Honestly, we all have to give it a chance and appreciate what we get. A couple years ago, we didn't expect an album from Jake (I know there was Retraced, but there were no signs of more initially).

However, to say it's not as good as Wicked Alliance? I strongly disagree. While I prefer the musicianship of Lomenzo and Luzier in general to the RDC lineup, I more strongly prefer the RDC tunes I've heard so far. And I, like most, hated Mandy Lion's vocals paired up with Jake's playing. I don't really like DJ Smiths either. But I like them better than Mandys for Jake's playing. Ultimately for me, I was never going to be satisfied cause no one was going to equal Ray Gillen and Badlands in general.

But I really appreciate the album and do like most of what I've heard so far. The clips of other tunes sound good too. I preordered the album and hope to see them live as I never got to see Jake play.

As for this tune, it's an obvious homage to Bark at the Moon, but I like it. It sticks in my head and I like the playing.

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Re: "Deceived" Video

Postby thordale » Fri Jan 24, 2014 8:30 pm

I got the Album Yesterday (it came out the 24th here in norway)... im sure the record will grow on me but after a few rounds.. the songs with warren on are much much better than all the guest stars i think..feeder is the only exeption... but i play the record to death..im sure it will grow on me !! i really loved decieved after a couple of rounds !!

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Re: "Deceived" Video

Postby Shadow » Fri Jan 31, 2014 5:28 pm

Alright, that was mighty Solid and excellent delivery from JAKE and his band RDC. Awesome, great song "Deceived" Red Dragon Cartel nailed it :!: :twisted: 8O :mrgreen:

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