Jake's live solo TUS tour tab : from any one?

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Jake's live solo TUS tour tab : from any one?

Postby LinFilouX » Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:00 am

I am searching for a tab of his solos during the Ultimate sin tour ( On the Blue charvel ) and of BATM tour also.

Does any one have a part ?

He used in it, specialy in the TUS tour solo, absolutly unique techniques like harmonics "hamered" on the low E, near the bridge as well as the use of the thumb to bar the treble string an arpegiate beautifull an ethereal chords.

Not to mention the other ones as behin the nut bends and fake echoes...

If any one has hands on an article about his techniques and style, i'm your customer ! :D

PS Good article for information : http://www.dinosaurrockguitar.com/new/node/31

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